Our paper industry life, which started with Muharremoğlu Kağıtçılık in 1977 under the leadership of Hikmet Önay from Cağaloğl, continued in 1986 with Necmi Önay and brothers papermaking in Topkapı until 2008, and then left its place to our cardboard manufacturing, which is still ongoing with Ferhat Önay in İkitelli. In this sector, which passes from grandfather to grandchild, we have never left our line of service and understanding of trust that we offer to our customers. Ferbey Mukavva continues on its way with the support and trust of our valued customers. Our biggest goal is to satisfy you, our valued customers, with the service, quality, trust, and low prices we bring to the sector.


To become a leading company that has established itself by branding in the sector in which we operate by creating different quality and innovative products.


To be able to serve all the requests on paper to all companies affiliated to the paper sector in the best way with Trust-Quality and the best price.